Chapter 6 – Centrifugal Acceleration Review

Published on: Sun Mar 14 2010

How to convert acceleration in terms of g Centrifugal velocity equals two pi R over time. Time equals one over frequency (number of revolutions per second) Centrifugal force, on an object not experiencing forces along the y axis (Car driving in circle, etc…) Centrifugal force, on an object experiencing forces along the x and y axis (ball spun horizontally above your head) When you spin a ball vertically, at the top of the circle, the tension force can be at minimum, 0, or else the ball will fall out of the sky, thanks to gravity. This means, the velocity of the ball overhead is equal to: The max pull at the bottom of the circle is equal to: For banking turns, Friction Force μ could be μ static or μ kinetic. It is the coefficient of Friction Conic Pendulum