Rules on Derivatives – Part 2

Published on: Tue Mar 09 2010

Product Rule Start by figuring out which is f(x) and which is g(x). Then find the derivatives for f(x) and g(x). Then write out the product rule in order f,g,h,j,k… Etc however many functions are in the product. Then make one of the functions in each multiplication a derivative. Some examples to practice: Quotient Rule So the quotient rule is a little funny. It has the g function squared on the bottom. I wonder what would happen if there are two functions on the bottom? Quotient Rule Examples: Combining the Product Rule and the Quotient Rule First, do the Quotient Rule, then do the product rule. Chain Rule (Review for accuracy) The Chain rule is used for composite functions. IE: One function (inner) is passed to another function as an argument.
So for the Chain rule, this would be
myFunctionDer(anotherFunction()) * anotherFunctionDer()