Math Lecture 6 – Limits Again

Published on: Fri Feb 12 2010

The Midterm will cover up to section 2.5, and next week the classes will be taught by our TA’s, the professor will be away traveling. The midterm will be heavy on limits. Limits – Check A) Be careful, pay attention when f(x) changes rules at a B) It is hard to compute limits when dividing by 0. Rules for Limits Any reasonable operation is allowed, as long as the limit exists and does not divide by 0.

These are mostly easy examples except 1 and 4.

RULE If a division = 0/0 then factor numerator and denominator by (x-a). This set demonstrated this.

The first one here was an easier example of the 0/0 rule. The second one (sin) is REALLY IMPORTANT. And the third one shows how #2 might be used.

This was a challenging problem with sin=1 rule.

This is a neat trick I did not know about for factoring.

For Radicals the trick is to rationalize by multiplying by the Conjugate! The professor stopped here so I better investigate this in the text book.