PHY 125 – Lecture 3

Published on: Sat Jan 30 2010

Percent Uncertainty = ∆A/A * 100 This is also known as fractional uncertainty. I wrote this out in more detail in HW1 Notes & Concepts. Addition and Subtraction of Uncertainty ∆D = ∆A + ∆B Multiplication and Division of Uncertainty ∆D/D = ∆A/A + ∆B/B The fractional uncertainty of multiplication and division is the sum of fractional uncertainties. From there calculate backwards to get ∆D. Things to Look for Minimum with Uncertainty Maximum with Uncertainty Most Likely with Uncertainty Uncertainty with Angles sin(33º ± 1º) sin ( x ± ∆x) sin x ± ∆(sin x) ∆(sin x) / sin x Rough Estimates (Order Of Magnitude) Is your answer reasonable? Use Order Of Magnitude to quickly estimate