CSE 130 – Algorithms

Published on: Wed Jan 27 2010

Today we looked at the first notes the professor had posted on the CSE 130 website. I had reviewed these earlier, and included the notes in my last post. There was some new interesting bits though. Algorithm Properties ►Complete ► Precise ► Finite ► Correctness (the end result is the correct solution to the specified problem) ► Termination (Eventually it will stop) Iterative Refinement of solution → Efficient (Sometimes your first idea for solving a problem is not the best, so think about it some more even though you think you know the answer) Input → PROGRAM → Output Pseudo Code ► Be Precise ► Get and Set Statements x + y x and y: are Operands + : is an Operator Memory – Stores data (variables, input) and program code Processor – Looks at program in memory and calculates, line by line - Calculator % = remainder = Modulo operator For, Do, While = Iterative Construct = Repeat Until…. If = Conditional (Decision making statement)