Waves - Definitions

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Mechanical waves: “propagate as oscillations of matter” The velocity of a particle along a wave is not the same as the velocity of the wave. Pulse: Single wave bump Continuous or Periodic wave: The source is a vibration or oscillation Crests: High point Troughs: Low point Amplitude (From Oscillations): Maximum height of a crest or depth of a trough. Wavelength [math] lambda [/math] (Lambda): Distance between two crests (one after other) Frequency f: Number of complete cycles (Number of crests) per second Period T: 1/f, time between crests passing by same point Wave velocity v: The velocity at which wave crests move forward. [math] v = lambda f v= lambda \ T [/math] Transverse wave: vibration up and down (rope) Longitudinal wave: vibration along the direction of the waves motion (Slinky) Compressions: Areas where longitudinal wave is close together Expansions: (Also known as rarefactions) Area’s where longitudinal waves are far apart. Intensity: Average power transferred across area perpendicular to the direction of energy flow