Vocab Words

Published on: Fri Dec 05 2008

Abate As the storm abated the clouds broke up and the rain lessened. Aberrant The aberrant behavior of the drunk in the church disturbed the patron’s. Aberration What sort of creature is this aberration? The man asked about the six legged snake. Abeyance The brief abeyance of the war was all the Rebellion needed to regroup and fight on for victory. Abjure At the trial of the Nazi’s the former government offices abjured their former ways of life. Abscond When no one was looking the dog absconded with the thanksgiving turkey. Abstemious The monks lived an abstemious life, characterized by their daily meals of gruel and water. Abstinent The viral phrase “FAIL” is an abstinent reference to the highly popular “I can haz Cheezburger” blog. Abstruse Quantum physic’s is perhaps the most abstruse of the sciences, with it’s highly specialized terminology. Accolade The ribbon of a Noble Prize is an accolade worth trying for, as it signifies the contributions of an intellectual to their field of study. Accrete The accrete growth of the glacier has accumulated over centuries. Admonish The roller coaster attendant admonished the riders to keep their hands inside the cars, or else! Adulation The adulation of tween Disney stars is reaching unheard of heights. Adulterate The natural wilderness was adulterated by the man-made structure. Aesthetic The aesthetic of a house is one of the most important factors in a sale, second only to location.