My First Success with Dracaena Jewelry

Published on: Thu Dec 04 2008

In Florida I started to become very serious about making Dracaena Jewelry workable. I set up several new lines, a bamboo jewelry line and a silk & pearls collection. And decided I wanted to start applying to craft fairs. My very first show accepted me on the spot, the moment I called up, two days before the show! Luckily I had built a booth display already. It was quite a neat display too. I used river rocks to make bases for 15 necklace busts, and had a earring tree growing out of each of my tables. It was really quite cheap and easy to travel with; at least the first few times. Then I realized just how much work it takes to place out every single piece of jewelry at the craft fair! Wow! That can take up to three hours before and after each day of the craft fair! But things went well at the show. I had a partner in the booth who brought her jewelry too, and each of us sold about $1,000 dollars $500 dollars worth. It was quite a rush! pbooth1.jpg This was the first photo I took of my booth display, usually to get into a show you need to show a photo of your booth. The first craft fair was in a mall, in October. Looking back, it is a suprise it was so successful for us, but if I would have paid better attention to my bookkeeping I would have seen the problems that laid ahead. Oh, and I still hadn't sold a single thing from my original website.