Dataset to schematic

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Well, to get started, it's necessary to specify the dataset. The simplest dataset we have is simpleThis, with two entry's.

This is a programming language and these are the fourteen words that describe this.
This is a programming language and these are the 14 words that describe this. 

First I have to gather the statistics for monograms from the dataset. After a quick counting of characters (monograms), the dataset produces the plot shown below; to illustrate monogram frequency.

The module for a monogram.

// The language to write a monogram circuit schematic in should be spice language
// But for starters, Verilog also works.
// or Python!
// Spice is kept in a comment.
def mono_circuit( number_of_monos=23);
    spice_circuit = ""    
    i = 0
    while i <= number_of_monos:
        i += 1
        //  Xpg1 sNoise outB outA pgNeg
        spice_circuit += "Xpg" + str(i) + " sensorIn" + str(i) + " outA" + str(i) + " outB"+ str(i) + " pgNeg"

Anyhow, from that decidedly rough Verilog and Python starter code, a function to write out a netlist for the dataset monograms is created. This time the population code is selected to be an energy based code model, with a 1D race to pass events for each sensor.

Xpg408 sensor_w outA408 outB408 pgNeg
Xpg409 outA408 outA409 outB409 pgNeg
Xpg410 outA409 outA410 outB410 pgNeg
Xpg411 outA410 outA411 outB411 pgNeg
Xpg412 outA411 outA412 outB412 pgNeg
Xpg413 outA412 outA413 outB413 pgNeg
Xpg414 outA413 outA414 outB414 pgNeg
Xpg415 outA414 outA415 outB415 pgNeg
Xpg416 outA415 outA416 outB416 pgNeg
Xpg417 outA416 outA417 outB417 pgNeg
Xpg418 outA417 outA418 outB418 pgNeg
Xpg419 outA418 outA419 outB419 pgNeg
Xpg420 outA419 outA420 outB420 pgNeg
Xpg421 outA420 outA421 outB421 pgNeg
Xpg422 outA421 outA422 outB422 pgNeg
Xpg423 outA422 outA423 outB423 pgNeg
Xpg424 outA423 outA424 outB424 pgNeg
Xpg425 outA424 outA425 outB425 pgNeg
Xpg426 outA425 outA426 outB426 pgNeg
Xpg427 outA426 outA427 outB427 pgNeg
Xpg428 outA427 outA428 outB428 pgNeg
Xpg429 outA428 outA429 outB429 pgNeg
Xpg430 outA429 outA430 outB430 pgNeg
Xpg431 outA430 outA431 outB431 pgNeg
Xpg432 outA431 outA432 outB432 pgNeg