My grades

Published on: Wed Mar 11 2009

International business I was happy with my grade, In particular there was a group term paper that was quite interesting to work on (A analysis of Russia). It was interesting to work as part of a four-person team, and to work objectively to create an unbiased and informational report. Business Ethics Hmmm. I didn’t know what to make of this grade. I handed in several assignments late, before I realized questions concerning ethics would take longer than average for me. I tended to get into debates with myself about what would be the best way to respond to a situation and would end up re-writing assignments. The final grade startled me though, I thought my paper’s were an accurate reflection on the ethical theories under review and thought my average would be higher. The Enlightenment Reasonably happy with this grade. I did poorly on the first test and needed to study the materials in more detail, but overall it was an interesting class and I feel more knowledgeable about the time period. The concerns of the Enlightenment are largely the same concerns society has today. Services Marketing I did well, but to be honest, I felt like I took the wrong class. That is about it.