48 Week Agenda

Published on: Sun Feb 21 2021

Well, what should I do with my time for the remaining weeks in the new year. Well, its simple enough to know, if every week strives to be the week.

Write a blog article on Sunday nights. It's too difficult to predict a time within about 2 hours of when, because my time is not completely dictated by my own intelligence. Since it has outside interruptions from time to time to tend to the cares of other intelligences. Even when my time is clearly my own to define it's enjoyable to permit some unknowns to exist. What if there is a story to read for a few seconds? Or some scene to take in? With wind and dust.

Within 3 hours even is hard to spell out, but, it becomes easier for some things, and more difficult for other things.

48 weeks is to far away. I'm only really focused on two weeks away.