Everything is spinning

Published on: Sat Jan 16 2021

So a few days to about a week ago my post pregnancy vertigo came back. For three days Everytime I tried to move or sit or stand my eyesight enjoyed spinning around my head. I'm not even sure how the picture manages to spin so much because I feel like I'm seeing things that are actually still behind my head. Anyways all the spinning makes me nauseous, not always to the point of throwing up but sometimes that much. And since I can't really move very well (because of the vertigo, I tend to crash into crap) it's a disaster.

Not wanting to go to a Dr office because of the pandemic stuff I was checking on YouTube for suggestions for Vertigo and one of the videos had a suggestion for some special manuvers and a Dr who had a nice model of the inner ear explaining what is wrong with me. So I tried out the move and it did make everything spin really wildly for a minute or two but then the spinning stopped and I could feel some pressure difference in my head, like the feeling when you are flying high in an airplane and it's landing. The Dr said you may need to do it 4-5 times and I did have to do it more than once. I had to space the moves several minutes apart because the spins it caused are so bad and nauseating but the second time was less than the first time. I've been doing the moves for a day and my head feels so clear. I can do normal things without spinning vision!

All from a Dr who just put her knowledge up on YouTube for anyone to find and use to help themselves. She is amazing and so is the entire collective of people who want to share their knowledge to improve anyone's life.