What are you doing?

Published on: Fri Jan 01 2021

Any artist looks at the empty space around and considers what to make of it and how to go about making the nothing into something with only the inputs from the environment and the contribution of the imagination. Then it is a question of deciding how long to take to setup the completed artwork and what set of steps to take to finish the build.

Some artists go and draw a completed picture one section at a time. Others work all over the place creating a mish-mash that seems to suddenly spontaneously render an image from chaos. Companies are nearly artwork in the same sense of creation. There is an environment in place but some sense of empty space that the artist sees. That empty space there waiting to be filled.

captured a hummingbird in mid-flight.

Except space is never really truly empty. There is always something there waiting to be swept away. And sometimes those things that are intended to sweeping are the important thing to find. What if some other artist is already there at work and you are just too blind to see.