The machines

Published on: Thu Dec 31 2020

For as long as I can remember it has been a search for a thing to hold in my hands to read. That seems so fascinating to get to. Books are nearly there except when I read books I get to read about these cool futuristic devices I don't have yet seen.

Everytime I think about starting a business everyone asks what sort of website it will be. But how am I supposed to turn a website into some sort of advances knowledge machine? There is something important to know about me and about my business models. I hate advertising with it's little banner ads and sponsored searches. With web businesses the immediate question is usually how will you make money. That makes me want to ask so many more questions back. Like why is that the only path to money on the web? Then why not a subscription model or something like that. But I also love the free and open web. Even though today's 2020 internet is stopping to feel quite like that free and open web I knew and loved.

It's quite a predicament. Is there a way to have the free and open web? It's probably never really existed. The best example of what I might mean is a website I used while at Stonybrook working at my Physics undergraduate degree. One person had written out all he knew on Lasers, it was not a website the required constant maintenance but he did continue to read it and improve his writings on it. The coolest thing was that he wanted to hear about your experience using his instructions so I could just write an email and he responded. The website was old style even for 2010, just simple text on white with images scattered along as you read the tutorials.

why do old websites that are nice and simple still have a hosting bill? The creator of that information wanted to give it to everyone in the world forever, now he can't.