Published on: Tue Dec 22 2020

Writing the thesis chapter on communication feels so easily doable. I'm happy it's one of the main topics of my asynchronous thesis. Looking around while I work on it I realize there are so many different ways to understand it. Having all of these asynchronous chunks scattered here and there with no major topical entry point was a bit difficult. But then I find gems like how it is easier to write with a preexisting topic. Makes things flow faster to know where they are headed sort of things.

Whenever I sit in the garden I can hear the song from the hummingbird and other people out on the bike path. The hummingbird has a sort of squeaking whistle. He is communicating. I feel or suspect the hummingbird is male because he has some male behavior and my estimate of his size is he is large. But my knowledge of those features is only from the internet. I have not spoken with anyone I also knew to be a hummingbird expert about making sure. That detail is not so important anyways for understanding the communication. Suddenly I hear a buzz and now silence. The hummingbird has gone somewhere else. The buzz went on my left side but I'm not sure which way.