Information Capacity

Published on: Sun Sep 25 2016

The thoughts flew so elegantly as before. Yet, the information grew jumbled and nonsensical. As usual choices build up upon one an other, a simple clear thought leading to the orchestration and coordination. As usual first one has the thought worth capturing, next, the immediate decision. "Where?" The answer to which surely depends on a few minor details. One of which is Accessibility, meaning, it is important to the correct result, to know at which layer the idea is to be distilled. Another minor detail, how long should the information exist? Is this thought only worth a whiteboard scribble? Should it be preserved or observation of other, for the first time, with a pencil in a throw away sketch pad? Anyhow, returning to the important topics at hand, when asked "What is the topic of your thesis?", reply with this: "Information Capacity". Or not. Nothing is writ in stone yet. It's a starting point. There are other things in it as well. Codes, Quotes from Dijkstra, it doesn't have a title yet, there is a reference list.