Changing patterns

Published on: Sat Jun 11 2016

There are little stories laying nested all over the land. It's been a somewhat aimless day, full of exploratory wanderings or rather, a aimless day mostly full of resting. Who knows why lies ahead? It's graduation weekend, an exciting time for the world, as the most recently trained youths are released out into the real world, to develop their very own real lives. It's an exciting time to see this going on, as people move on and transition into changing life patterns. Seeing all of these changes makes me wonder, what sort of changes do others observe me progressing through. As hard as I try to hide, there must be visible changes I am making  to that others can see. If I carefully pause and reflect, I already know the changes I am making. It's somewhat easy, I know where I am in life, and have a general opinion about where I want to get to. Extrapolate, and figure out what the in between steps are. Those are where I am at. Switching between my third and fourth year of graduate school. Preparing for the final steps to complete a phd, which is really a starting point for my professional career as a research engineer.