Day and Night

Published on: Sun Jun 05 2016

The night was spent dreaming and the day was spent cooking. The time now is Sunday evening, and since the upcoming days are going to be spent working, Sunday evening is the time by which I like to have my home ordered. I live in a small space, and keeping an ordered environment is one of the ways for a small home to work beautifully. The nights dreams were not really sleeping dreams, instead of dreaming I woke up and ended up reading about encoding and decoding on the web. Sometimes staying awake at night and reading is peaceful. Last night it was. The weekly home cleaning and organizing on Sundays is one of my favorite routines. Living in the Western world, and blessed to have so many different things, living with a surplus of possessions, its truly important to keep an orderly space. To look at ones belongings and to make sure they are treated with care and valued. Sometimes things which were once important become less so, and it's useful to identify the changes taking place. It's good to know when to move on and let things have less meaning in the house. Today I retrieved my old spice rack from where it's dwelled as a decoration only. The spice rack was $3 about 5 years ago, and I customized it to have matching copper caps on all of the spice bottles. For a while it seemed unnecessary, but lately I've missed having handy access to spices. I'm glad I kept it as a decoration for so long, now I get a chance to use it again and it's just as lovely still.