Published on: Mon May 30 2016

This was supposed to be a habit forming time. Write in the post box every day. And yet somehow, on day three, the thought completely vanished from my mind. It's not like there were many more there to fill in the things to be done. The entire day was somewhat aimless. Sometimes I consider meditating, and then I try to empty my mind. Clear my thoughts so to speak. It never seems to work. Except yesterday the entire day seems to have passed as one of those. My mind was clear, and empty. Thoughts were mostly silent and the time was spent very much in the moment. Today, not so much. I am restless, it's tied to my perception of time I think. Yesterday, time moved slowly, there where plenty of chances to get things done. Today, the hours are speeding past. I wanted to get more walking done. Both yesterday and today, that seems to be working out in my favor. Yesterday I bought some peony flowers. That was the first time I've done that, and the smell is amazing. I suppose I spent most of the day smelling flowers. Today is a little restless. Woke up late and went walking right away. Then since the walk was so much fun bathed the dog and showers. Now it's already 4 pm and nothing notable has happened. The walk felt lovely though. Since it's holiday, should I work or not? There are always things to accomplish. It's not often that an entire day results in zero accomplishments. I could at least read something. Maybe another new habit to form is night time paper reading. For a brief time I recall reading a summarizing a paper each night.