Building a habit

Published on: Fri May 27 2016

Sometimes in the past there are things to do, and just as suddenly, the things to do change. Sometimes I've worked to set a pattern, and other times some external influence has just caused a routine to take place. Why things start and stop, well it's rarely a mystery but it's not often controlled for either. There are things that help get going, and one of them that I've always found useful is to try. Putting in a little effort towards the somethings that need to happen, should happen even. With that in mind, some thoughts on how I think the day will go. What would change from the scene in front of me this morning and the scene later tonight. I suppose it's best not to be to ambitious with my thoughts. I know I want to be more ambitious, but really it's best to keep the day manageable. This is a time for slow and steady wins the race. After all, building websites in 4 hours is a talent of mine. Someday I hope to build chips in 3 hours, but those 3 hours are not today. And I mean Integrated Circuit chips... not potato chips or corn chips, or the broken fragments of pottery chips. Those other sorts of chips could probably be figured out in less than 3 hours. Coming up in between 24 and 48 hours from now ... A report on how those goals figured and a new set of three bullet points. It's time for slow something something to happen.