Writing about writing on my website

Published on: Tue Aug 25 2015

This is not even the authentic website. This is my old wordpress blog. That I still seem to update from time to time. Semi-regularly. It's twenty days. That is the first number within this text. Some time last summer I was considering the merits. Of what is the point of simply... practice? Is the point to simply practice? By writing something over and over again a metric is developed and by that method a sort of ranking, a counting begins to take form. The author who is writing is present in many places, and also interested in developing multiple audiences. Right. In one sense in should be easy. Just as I moved to eliminate branded t-shirts from my life, arrives an offer for a free t-shirt if only. Should I take advantage of the starbucks free gift card? Should I register for a free coffee on my birthday? Should I make my own coffee? It does taste good. Well, I wandered to and fro from different windows of context. I am editing many different documents at this time. Some are physical. There are two paper drafts to cross through. I want to study a possible UX of the information contained within the syntax. One publication on Medium which consists of several stories.