One who counts

Published on: Tue Mar 17 2015

Change something anything! Be irrational, grab and grasp at the world, and slowly take hold of ... what? There is nothing to be said which is this important. It's not really a matter of fact approach. Geiger sat in the darkness. Watching and counting. This is an example remembered easily. The original story is something about Rutherford and his alpha particles bouncing off the thin gold sheet. It was during the age of 'plum pudding' atoms. Anyways. Eventually we progressed from that old age into this new age. The age of heavy protons and neutrons resting in the nucleus while around their massive center whip tiny electrons. The entire precarious structure held together by the Forces. The progress was done by counting over many days. On each day new measurements were recorded. The team worked tirelessly. The experiment carried on for months. The beginning and ending of experiments is remembered by measurement. Most of my experimental time has taken place in the age of electronics. One is simply able to place the sensor, check the output, and begin the experiment. There is less watching and counting now. But we still want to count as much as we can. We need more sensors.