Learning By Doing

Published on: Sun Mar 01 2015

As the sunlight filters in through the bright blue window, another lazy weekend travels past. Once again I am considering the homework requests from various classes, and neatly writing lists. At the same time, it's quite a productive morning and the rate of incoming tasks is less than the rate of outgoing tasks. The homework requests are fun and interesting, mostly because they are not complete. When I actually begin to work on the task is really only a small component of the process which is to learn how by doing how. The titles or names of the tasks are quite massive. Things which take up entire bookcases. Over 800 books of material! Instead of working, I begin to learn how to work. Quickly traversing the web, finding software, viewing neat slices of training video, configuring environments and planning a line of attack. Behind my work lies a neat Lab Journal, just like the type kept in the thousands of other research labs. The journal is my list of doings.