The Future Will be Clean

Published on: Sun Feb 22 2015

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"] Nanoengineering on a massive scale[/caption] One of the tasks my mind spends a good deal of time attending to, is small prediction's of the future. Everyday, there are simple questions tended to. "How much chicken is needed for dinner?" "What is the next day to check on the bread?" "What time should I expect to see the roomba?" "How long will it take to read, write or do XYZ?" In the interests of possibly reducing the list of things to constantly predict, it is occasionally easier to assume, for quite a long while, that one thing does not need prediction. Therefore I hereto decree that my future will be at least as clean as my present. Expect a report back on the extra accomplishments due to the unexpected free time. But seriously... a clean room is very clean. Why can't I turn my house into one? Why are clean rooms so expensive?