A Race for intelligence

Published on: Sat Feb 21 2015

The future with intelligent machines, a dark and frightening prospect? Or a chance for epic humanity? There is a race moving, a race is always an interesting thing to simulate. I remember my first experiments with simulations of races. This was a game I made over the summertime one year, and in the game, it was possible to allocate a fixed pool of resources, depending on a simple toss. Popsicle sticks where picked up, and each was carefully wrapped with a rubber band. At one end, or the other. To form a perfect rubber sphere. Then each stick and band combination received a paper number taped along the side. Next. Standing carefully, the pile of sticks are tossed down the stairs. After running to the bottom of the steps, the 13 popsicle sticks were counted for their spacing, recorded, ranked, and returned to the genetic pool to either race again or not. this