Developing an Abstract Voice

Published on: Wed Feb 18 2015

When I think to myself my voice seems so clear and easy to understand. What happens where is the transition from thought to sound, from thought to symbol. A small drawing, a tiny scribble on the side of a notebook. None of these things will help you. Why do you do this. There is no meaning here. These are things that should be ignored while you focus on more important tasks. I do love to write so. As I watch the fingers move across the keyboard in their dancing pattern I cannot help but notice that the left hand handles most of the complex movements. While the right hand simply Presses on short cuts, important shortcut, like The shift key and punctuation. Yesterday I finally met the Society of Women Engineers, because a community member wandered into the labs. It was quite an informative experience. That is a great thing to know right. Not really. The most interesting bits are not translating well to the containment and confinement of words. They must have been passing flits of the imagination, abstract hallucinations really. This is my space. I'll say what I want. These are my works and I will work on them as long as I want. Static is boring. This is interesting. Or that is.