Developing a Voice

Published on: Mon Feb 16 2015

One of the last things I remember doing before I left NY and moved to California, was counting pairs of socks for the journey. I owned exactly 42 pairs, which made the trip extra exciting. Things are a big deal when it requires 42 pairs of socks to accomplish something. That might be a good rule. That if a journey requires more than two pairs of socks, it is probably a big deal. Anyhow, to return to the subject of "Developing One's Voice". Recently (On a journey with at least 3 pairs of socks) one of the panelists at the WE5 festival mentioned the importance of "Developing one's voice". The complete comment gave a few examples of times when this investor had made note of voices in conversations. I'm really excited to develop my voice. Except that for a small suspicion I might already have one. Maybe a better question might be "How do you know when you have developed your voice?" Anyways, I've lived in California for two years now. I don't have an idea where there 42 socks ended up. The actual trip lasted 4 months longer than the original intended travel time and the socks dispersed. Now I have at least 14 pairs of black ankle length socks. That seems like good news to me.