Progress: it’s what we are about

Published on: Fri Apr 04 2014

Progress. That is the question of the day, that is the question of the year and that is the question of the century. It’s what we are about. Atlas Sailed is getting ready for a demo on April 24. Think of it as a early test for upcoming fairs and conventions we would like to exhibit at.  Making the booth is a big challenge. It puts together many of the disparate trends and ideas sourced in our reference articles. We have at least 4 separate MVP’s.  Around 8 – 10 paper books, two ways to experience books in the web, a book making kit, a nearly functional augmented reality app, ownership of a book copyright, a public domain book, and a somewhat completed website that integrates all of these different moving parts together. Most importantly, we have a picture we love! Logo Since we have not really posted many progress updates, I think the first important bit of progress we made (Sometime in November??) is this photo which is sourced from NASA and is in the public domain. We loved it, and think the Voyager and the many small bubbles of worlds are a perfect representation of the imaginary worlds contained in books.