Summer 2013 Projects

Published on: Sun Jul 07 2013

Shortly before graduating from Stonybrook University with my B.S. in physics, awesome news came along; accepted at University of California Santa Barbara for graduate studies in electrical and computer engineering!!! This means a road trip from NY to CA sometime this summer. (In 6 more days...)

Sometime in May a random adventure to PubHack turned into an exciting little application Visibrary. Our team programmed a C++ application using the Cinder framework, and we used the Biliocommons API to built a book recommendation engine based on librarian entered tags.  After we won the Library Integration Prize Iv Segal and I built a web based version of our book recommendation engine at using Python/Django and D3 for the visuals. To see how the recommendation engine worked in a more encompassing way I build a quick model using D3's Force Directed Graph at .

The other big project for the summer (Hemisphere Keyboard) started from another project (Laser Raster Projector) I was helping with that needed 8 kinematic mirrors. Well the Laser Raster Projector didn't NEED the mirrors but I was having so much fun building the mirrors I made 8 of them, and even though they turned out to not work with the current hardware for the Laser Raster Projector project, while I was sitting around making the mirrors I came up with an alternative keyboard design, the Hemisphere Keyboard.

HemiSphere Keyboard from skyberrys on Vimeo.

The most delightful thing about this keyboard is its sheer lack of purpose. I'm slowly learning to type on it, and I intend to use it to complete a book I have been writing, but for the most part it's just a crazy fun looking thing that I wanted to play with so I built one for myself and posted the Instructable just in case you want one to. 

The summer is long and other projects drift in and out of focus; reading about computer architecture, building ArtCart Beta and writing for my book are some in progress projects I've returned to regularly, an of course the biggest one is "Moving to Cali!".