Completing my B.S. in Physics

Published on: Wed Jan 23 2013

I approach projects with the goal of successful completion. I knew when I began pursing my degree it would require complete devotion and single minded focus on that one subject. Since completing my undergraduate coursework in December I have begun to step back and look at my overall knowledge acquisition. I am pleased with the strong foundation in math, programming, electronics and (of course) physics I acquired. Now I can’t help but look back and realize how much more there is to learn.

I reflect on why I feel so driven to acquire knowledge. What do I need this for after all? It always returns to curiosity. I enjoy that word. When I ask myself “Why did you do this?” time and again the answer is I was curious. Curiosity is how I end up climbing to high points. Quite literally. I climb to the top of boulders because I enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape. I am simply curious. What am I going to do with what I’ve learned? I don’t know exactly. Anything. That’s why learning is so exciting to me. I could do anything. The more I learn the more I can do.