Day 4 Week 3

Published on: Thu Jun 23 2011

Today was the completion of the Shor's algorithm paper, section 2, "Classical Factoring Algorithm's". Writing this paper is quite a time consuming process, and the method I use for writing is shifting as I begin to learn how to write a paper about a scientific process. Each sentence needs to be carefully thought about, and as I write it I need to know what source inspired each thought. This is a different approach to writing and it is producing a better final product, where each line can be explained in greater detail. Each word becomes important and that is a new experience to me.

The last lecture in the machine learning series was today. It was on hidden marklov chains. The lecturer introduced the problem as: "You are at a casino, and you record the results of a series of dice rolls. On each roll the casino could switch between one of two loaded dice. Based on just the values of the rolled dice, what was the probability one or the other loaded dice being rolled".

In the early morning I set up a package to use in eclipse, but I think now I am not going to use this 'learning' package. I'm just going to start writing a program (OO). Maybe the bank account program I did at the end of C++ course, but in java instead. Or maybe something to implement the idea's from the machine learning series.