Day 1 Week 2 REU

Published on: Mon Jun 13 2011

This morning I was continuing to study the phase estimation algorithm used in Shor's algorithm. Eventually I will post the paper, but until then I am not going to post journal entries about it. All of the writing I do about Shor's algorithm is kept in my notebook, because the entries are quite mathematical.

While reading CQIT (Classical and Quantum Information Theory) I came across a section describing how optical elements like half-wave plates, quarter wave plates and polarizing beam splitters act like the quantum gates I learned about like X, Y, Z and H. This was a very exciting discovery.

In the afternoon we had a group meeting. I talked about my plans for either an electro-optical modulator or studying optical memory through the photorefractive effect. Dr Noe recommended I continue researching photorefraction even though we are uncertain of the availability of a crystal.

I continued trying to learn how to use "Notebook" and the new stylus for taking notes on my laptop. It still dosen't feel quite like paper and I find myself switching back to my lovely bound notebook, but at the same time wishing I could read a note I made months ago in an old notebook I no longer carry. By the end of last semester I was carrying around quite a good deal of paper print outs too. I might need to give up on the idea of electronic notes again.