Published on: Wed Apr 07 2010

Statics vars allow a var to retain value for multiple declarations, does not reinitialize each time. Static & extern are auto initialized to 0 Structures (Structure Type) possible to aggregate components into a single named variables IE: Bank Account – Account #, balance, interest, name, address Structure is user defined. You can declare an array of structures
struct account { long number; float balance; float interestRate; } accnt2, myAccounts[3]; struct account myAccount;
Members can be accessed using structure member operator “.”
myAccount.number = 1248609385; myAccount.balance = 1004.005; myAccount.interestRate = 0.18237672;
Can declare a structure and then declare the variables
struct fruit { char name[15]; int calories; } typedef struct fruit fruits; struct fruit lunch = {“plum”,150}; // order is important fruits dinner = {.calories=150,.name=”peach”}; // order not important
you can copy structs of the same type to each other dinner = lunch