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This was supposed to be a habit forming time. Write in the post box every day. And yet somehow, on day three, the thought completely vanished from my mind. It’s not like there were many more there to fill in the things to be done. The entire day was somewhat aimless. Sometimes I consider meditating, and then I try to empty my mind. Clear my thoughts so to speak. It never seems to work. Except yesterday the entire day seems to have passed as one of those. My mind was clear, and empty. Thoughts were mostly silent and the time was spent very much in the moment. Today, not so much. I am restless, it’s tied to my perception of time I think. Yesterday, time moved slowly, there where plenty of chances to get things done. Today, the hours are speeding past.

I wanted to get more walking done. Both yesterday and today, that seems to be working out in my favor. Yesterday I bought some peony flowers. That was the first time I’ve done that, and the smell is amazing. I suppose I spent most of the day smelling flowers.

Today is a little restless. Woke up late and went walking right away. Then since the walk was so much fun bathed the dog and showers. Now it’s already 4 pm and nothing notable has happened. The walk felt lovely though. Since it’s holiday, should I work or not? There are always things to accomplish. It’s not often that an entire day results in zero accomplishments. I could at least read something. Maybe another new habit to form is night time paper reading. For a brief time I recall reading a summarizing a paper each night.

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I will write the title last. The simple and straight forward goals of yesterday were nearly a complete success. Today is off to a strong start to. Already (it’s 11am…) two things on my ‘not done’ list were crossed off, moved to a new location, where they are more done than yesterday. Some of these to do items are reoccurring.

Yesterday’s long walk to the ocean felt wonderful, it was a beautiful time to be in the woods. The flowers were blooming in colors of orange and purple. My mind just went on a brief detour through the meaning of names. This is a Saturday, which means the routine is less predictable. There are a few givens like not going into lab, well really thats the only given I can think of immediately. Perhaps sleeping more … or the importance of less planning. I suppose it might be a day for travel. Remembering how I’ve spent the Saturday (This!) over the past several years. It’s not too hard.

1 year ago – Lightning In a Bottle outdoor camping festival

2 years ago – Harder to remember… Based on my photos, it looks like both gardening in my yard and working on school work. 2 years ago I was finishing the first year of graduate school. That ment working hard to get good grades in class. I was just learning the development cycle for App Engine.

3 years ago – Still lived in NY, had just been accepted for graduate school. We won a hackathon this weekend.

4 years ago – This seems so far back I do not remember. Maybe we traveled to visit family in upstate NY. Or went out to NYC. Maybe camping? Somewhere with no photos.

Then. Before this there was life to, but the details, the clear resolution of my day to day activities. Those are lost to the past. The only things that remain are learned patterns from times long ago. I know things happened, but how I did them or why I did them are not as important any longer.

Today I want to walk on the beach again. But the sun is missing.

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Building a habit

Sometimes in the past there are things to do, and just as suddenly, the things to do change. Sometimes I’ve worked to set a pattern, and other times some external influence has just caused a routine to take place. Why things start and stop, well it’s rarely a mystery but it’s not often controlled for either.

There are things that help get going, and one of them that I’ve always found useful is to try. Putting in a little effort towards the somethings that need to happen, should happen even. With that in mind, some thoughts on how I think the day will go. What would change from the scene in front of me this morning and the scene later tonight.

  • I will walk along the ocean, and see the dark teal ocean.
  • Slides will be completed.
  • Another little website will be added to my collection.

I suppose it’s best not to be to ambitious with my thoughts. I know I want to be more ambitious, but really it’s best to keep the day manageable. This is a time for slow and steady wins the race. After all, building websites in 4 hours is a talent of mine. Someday I hope to build chips in 3 hours, but those 3 hours are not today. And I mean Integrated Circuit chips… not potato chips or corn chips, or the broken fragments of pottery chips. Those other sorts of chips could probably be figured out in less than 3 hours.

Coming up in between 24 and 48 hours from now … A report on how those goals figured and a new set of three bullet points. It’s time for slow something something to happen.

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