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Define tool

Recently an individual told me about a short rule, and attributed the rule to Notch, the creator of Minecraft. I heard the rule as “Use your software equal to the amount of time you spent building it.”

Thinking about this short role in the context of software built for the purpose of fabrication the following summary arrived.

Making = Time spent making tool: ______

Using = Time spent using the tool: _____

Utility = making divided by using (in common units)

Now, using my newly arrived equation for my tools… “The Utility of the Spherical Keyboard: Prototype 1” (coming soon).

Oh, and there was something important as well about using tools made by other individuals as a shortcut for time spent Making.

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Transition time

4:20 PM, California US
I like to ask myself how hard would it be to recreate existing tools. This is because sometimes tools break, and I am unable to find suitable replacements. It’s only natural to understand that the way to have the best tools (and thus be the best engineer) is to create your own best tools.

It’s been 4 minutes of writing so far. I’ve googled dreamhost and google app engine.

At dreamhost I navigated to ‘Domains’ and clicked the ‘DNS’ link for my domain I randomly happen to own By now it’s 4:35. I could be moving faster. The only reason for writing is, currently there are no known buttons to click.

While waiting for the DNS txt records to update from Dreamhost to App Engine, I begin to setup the git for the project. The project is ‘global comic stream’, Take a photo from my phone and it joins the stream.


4:44 PM, California US

Atlas-Sailed-Co organization has created a private github labeled Metafarble. It’s cloned locally. It has MIT License.

5:21 PM, California US

I’ve become engrossed in the details of the build. It’s based off my last speed build. I’m thinking of using Processing.js for the first time.

5:40 PM, California US

Included stripe.js because it never hurts to be prepared. The Demo button for it states ‘Pre-order Printed Comic Book’.

7:25 PM, California US

Initial requirements complete. is live. should come online within 24 hours once DNS has propagated.

7:32 PM, California US

Signing off to use my phone to take photos of some comics I’ve been drawing for Metafarble. Time to spend the next 3 hours 10 minutes playing with my new app.

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Summer is coming!

For the first time in quite some while, I have several months of self-determined freedom. It’s been about two years since moving to California and I’m nearly finished with my Masters in Computer Architecture. While I wait for the last class to come up on the schedule my time is completely my own.

For the first time I have freedom to build according to my own goals and finally enough ‘tech skills’ that I can build nearly exactly what I think about.

I am building projects that keep me up at night dreaming of how to solve problems and plenty of interesting problems continue to show up for solutions. Most of the time I plan, some small fraction of the time I execute. This might be a summer of executing plans.

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