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The Future Will be Clean

Nanoengineering on a massive scale

One of the tasks my mind spends a good deal of time attending to, is small prediction’s of the future. Everyday, there are simple questions tended to. “How much chicken is needed for dinner?” “What is the next day to check on the bread?” “What time should I expect to see the roomba?” “How long will it take to read, write or do XYZ?”

In the interests of possibly reducing the list of things to constantly predict, it is occasionally easier to assume, for quite a long while, that one thing does not need prediction. Therefore I hereto decree that my future will be at least as clean as my present.

Expect a report back on the extra accomplishments due to the unexpected free time.

But seriously… a clean room is very clean. Why can’t I turn my house into one? Why are clean rooms so expensive?

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A Race for intelligence

The future with intelligent machines, a dark and frightening prospect? Or a chance for epic humanity? There is a race moving, a race is always an interesting thing to simulate. I remember my first experiments with simulations of races.

This was a game I made over the summertime one year, and in the game, it was possible to allocate a fixed pool of resources, depending on a simple toss. Popsicle sticks where picked up, and each was carefully wrapped with a rubber band. At one end, or the other. To form a perfect rubber sphere. Then each stick and band combination received a paper number taped along the side. Next. Standing carefully, the pile of sticks are tossed down the stairs.

After running to the bottom of the steps, the 13 popsicle sticks were counted for their spacing, recorded, ranked, and returned to the genetic pool to either race again or not.


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A read to remember is Waldo, by Robert Heinlein.

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Developing an Abstract Voice

When I think to myself my voice seems so clear and easy to understand. What happens where is the transition from thought to sound, from thought to symbol. A small drawing, a tiny scribble on the side of a notebook. None of these things will help you. Why do you do this. There is no meaning here. These are things that should be ignored while you focus on more important tasks.

I do love to write so. As I watch the fingers move across the keyboard in their dancing pattern I cannot help but notice that the left hand handles most of the complex movements. While the right hand simply Presses on short cuts, important shortcut, like The shift key and punctuation.

Yesterday I finally met the Society of Women Engineers, because a community member wandered into the labs. It was quite an informative experience. That is a great thing to know right. Not really. The most interesting bits are not translating well to the containment and confinement of words. They must have been passing flits of the imagination, abstract hallucinations really.

This is my space. I’ll say what I want. These are my works and I will work on them as long as I want. Static is boring. This is interesting. Or that is.

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Developing a Voice

One of the last things I remember doing before I left NY and moved to California, was counting pairs of socks for the journey. I owned exactly 42 pairs, which made the trip extra exciting. Things are a big deal when it requires 42 pairs of socks to accomplish something.

That might be a good rule. That if a journey requires more than two pairs of socks, it is probably a big deal. Anyhow, to return to the subject of “Developing One’s Voice”. Recently (On a journey with at least 3 pairs of socks) one of the panelists at the WE5 festival mentioned the importance of “Developing one’s voice”. The complete comment gave a few examples of times when this investor had made note of voices in conversations.

I’m really excited to develop my voice. Except that for a small suspicion I might already have one. Maybe a better question might be “How do you know when you have developed your voice?”

Anyways, I’ve lived in California for two years now. I don’t have an idea where there 42 socks ended up. The actual trip lasted 4 months longer than the original intended travel time and the socks dispersed. Now I have at least 14 pairs of black ankle length socks. That seems like good news to me.

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CS 254 Notes

What I really need is a dependency graph of all these instructions.

Me: “What happens if I forgot to register an instruction?”

Why not give the programmers more registers?

I think the best thing to do is actually be the machine.

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