Readings on Optical Gates

Programmable optical processor based on symbolic substitution
Karl-Heinz Brenner
Applied Optics, Vol. 27, Issue 9, pp. 1687-1691 (1988) doi:10.1364/AO.27.001687

Digital optical computing with symbolic substitution
Karl-Heinz Brenner, Alan Huang, and Norbert Streibl
Applied Optics, Vol. 25, Issue 18, pp. 3054-3060 (1986)

A scheme for efficient quantum computation with linear optics
E. Knill1, R. Laflamme & G. J. Milburn
Nature 409, 46-52 (4 January 2001) | doi:10.1038/35051009; Received 24 July 2000; Accepted 13 November 2000

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