Everything is spinning

So a few days to about a week ago my post pregnancy vertigo came back. For three days Everytime I tried to move or sit or stand my eyesight enjoyed spinning around my head. I’m not even sure how the picture manages to spin so much because I feel like I’m seeing things that are actually still behind my head. Anyways all the spinning makes me nauseous, not always to the point of throwing up but sometimes that much. And since I can’t really move very well (because of the vertigo, I tend to crash into crap) it’s a disaster.

Not wanting to go to a Dr office because of the pandemic stuff I was checking on YouTube for suggestions for Vertigo and one of the videos had a suggestion for some special manuvers and a Dr who had a nice model of the inner ear explaining what is wrong with me. So I tried out the move and it did make everything spin really wildly for a minute or two but then the spinning stopped and I could feel some pressure difference in my head, like the feeling when you are flying high in an airplane and it’s landing. The Dr said you may need to do it 4-5 times and I did have to do it more than once. I had to space the moves several minutes apart because the spins it caused are so bad and nauseating but the second time was less than the first time. I’ve been doing the moves for a day and my head feels so clear. I can do normal things without spinning vision!

All from a Dr who just put her knowledge up on YouTube for anyone to find and use to help themselves. She is amazing and so is the entire collective of people who want to share their knowledge to improve anyone’s life.

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Do I need the internet?

Of course I do but not for everything and not all the time. But without it I become a less effective engineer. Things may take a bit longer without the ability to tap into the collective wisdom of all those other experiences.

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To do

Hire a handy man for the house.

  • Hang coat hook
  • Hang bath toy hook
  • Put vent back up near doorway and furnace
  • Replace carpet on outside stairs
  • Add railing to outside stairs near shed
  • Paint base of house white
  • Add two more panels of dry wall to sound studio
  • Repair central bath faucet and drain

Gardener to do:

  • Cut back all of the palms except giant palm
  • cut back big tree above and behind shed to provide slightly less shade
  • Thin great bird of paradise fronds
  • Replace gloomy juniper evergreen in front with borgunvilla.
  • Paint the fence (possible for handy man instead)
  • Take and bag leaves

House cleaning Assistant

  • Clean 3 bathrooms weekly

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Minimil hardware connectivity graph

So why was it important in the first place? It answered a question how do we turn binary data into a temporal compute symbol stream and by consciously deciding to impose a cost on the start of the compute the race is given some nice practical things to say.

Otherwise I don’t know what it’s useful for. It makes a pretty image to draw it.

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Building something

Hey wat are you doing? Are you building something? Always a time for inopportune questions. Only ask those if you can tell that I have crucial tasks to complete. There is no point for me to do any of these crucial tasks because I’ll just make them garbage. Even if something seems good it’s actually just going to be garbage that should be destroyed and never shown to anyone or spoken about again.

It’s rough in the morning. When I wake up every day I’ve forgotten overnight that all of my research and experiments are actually trash and I’m usually excited about the research. Then I remember what happened and that it’s all garbage and I want to destroy my computer and anything else that’s contributed to making all of the garbage happen.

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What are you doing?

Any artist looks at the empty space around and considers what to make of it and how to go about making the nothing into something with only the inputs from the environment and the contribution of the imagination. Then it is a question of deciding how long to take to setup the completed artwork and what set of steps to take to finish the build.

Some artists go and draw a completed picture one section at a time. Others work all over the place creating a mish-mash that seems to suddenly spontaneously render an image from chaos. Companies are nearly artwork in the same sense of creation. There is an environment in place but some sense of empty space that the artist sees. That empty space there waiting to be filled.

captured a hummingbird in mid-flight.

Except space is never really truly empty. There is always something there waiting to be swept away. And sometimes those things that are intended to sweeping are the important thing to find. What if some other artist is already there at work and you are just too blind to see.

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Work yourself to death?

Last night I felt sort of guilty for not continuing to work on my latest start-up or idea and instead watching a few hours of netflix while cuddling my bf on the couch. Well, that was from reading another persons silly opinions and writing and even though it was not a hard suggestion, it did not seem like the right thing to do at the very time I considered doing it. And it brought up Steve jobs and Elon Musk as two comparisons of would they stop if they knew what they are doing was right? Well no, but I hope Elon Musk took the night to celebrate New Years and not work. Steve Jobs is dead. Maybe he should have taken more holidays?

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The machines

For as long as I can remember it has been a search for a thing to hold in my hands to read. That seems so fascinating to get to. Books are nearly there except when I read books I get to read about these cool futuristic devices I don’t have yet seen.

Everytime I think about starting a business everyone asks what sort of website it will be. But how am I supposed to turn a website into some sort of advances knowledge machine? There is something important to know about me and about my business models. I hate advertising with it’s little banner ads and sponsored searches. With web businesses the immediate question is usually how will you make money. That makes me want to ask so many more questions back. Like why is that the only path to money on the web? Then why not a subscription model or something like that. But I also love the free and open web. Even though today’s 2020 internet is stopping to feel quite like that free and open web I knew and loved.

It’s quite a predicament. Is there a way to have the free and open web? It’s probably never really existed. The best example of what I might mean is a website I used while at Stonybrook working at my Physics undergraduate degree. One person had written out all he knew on Lasers, it was not a website the required constant maintenance but he did continue to read it and improve his writings on it. The coolest thing was that he wanted to hear about your experience using his instructions so I could just write an email and he responded. The website was old style even for 2010, just simple text on white with images scattered along as you read the tutorials.

why do old websites that are nice and simple still have a hosting bill? The creator of that information wanted to give it to everyone in the world forever, now he can’t.

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What if everyone was a medical doctor?

It would be pretty amazing of a world if I could help myself if I was hurt or sick. If we want to educate everyone in the entire world there needs to be some sort of easily available open testing system. The hardest problem I would have is convincing myself. I have achieved enough knowledge or awareness about a health problem to figure it out. I suppose the rest of the people in the world would also have that trouble.

Does the regular operation of Dr skills and seeing a broad range of patients directly influence their abilities and how would that be if everyone is a Dr. I suppose there would be a time in your early life where you wouldn’t be up to it yet but sooner or later you know you will be able to study and learn as hard and as much as you want to become and expert Dr.

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Planning and doing

It’s enjoyable to have holiday times. Remember about writing to the screen or not. One of my early papers was about studying how incidental imagery placed alongside the text field may influence the content. Strange to think of that happening just out in the broad world. I guess people do let their scenery influence their output why else would so many love poems be written in Paris.

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